R9 Team is a group of Kayak.com technology leaders who have come together as an angel investor group.

Paul English, original CTO/Cofounder
Giorgos Zacharia, early Chief Scientist, then CTO then President
Bill O'Donnell, original Chief Architect and Head of Mobile
Iolanthe (Chronis) Stronger, early Director of Engineering, then Dropbox and Stripe
Pete Kruskall, early engineer, then CTO/Cofounder of Kensho
Raman Tenneti, engineer, now at Google, previously InfoSeek and Netscape
Vinayak Ranade, early Director of Engineering, then CEO/Founder of Drafted

We typically write checks up to $100k, but sometimes up to $1M. We're interested in seed stage software companies in any vertical. If you want to send us a pitch, you can email pitch@r9team.com.

The phrase "R9" stands for "Runway Nine", which is just a random code name that Paul came up with when we were first incorporating the company that would become Kayak.